Whenever I see strawman comics, where we’ve got the calm, supposedly-rational artist self-insert and the frothing, angry, stereotypical-in-every-way opposition, everything else gets filtered out and this is all I see:



I shouldn’t have laughed at this anywhere near as long as i did.

sailorfleur replied to your post “bioshock infinite is $10 on psn rn but is it worth it”

i payed like 50 bucks for mine last year wtf. and it has a lot of mixed reviews, personally i enjoyed it though and would recommend it

well, that doesn’t sound too bad

at least if it sucks I only paid like 10 dollars for it~



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hey guys!




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i plan on buying all of my clothes online, as it’s cheaper and the best way for me to save money.

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Niggas will put any and everything on their grandma & still be lying smh.

she gon die anyway



she likes carrying around random rags for no reason

bioshock infinite is $10 on psn rn

but is it worth it